PPL is Back!

Pacific Precision Laboratories, Inc. is back! Pacific Precision Laboratories, Inc., or PPL, was founded in 1985 and evolved into a key provider of high precision system solutions for companies in the microelectronics industry. In 1993, PPL became a part of JMAR Technologies, Inc. and became known as JMAR Precision Systems or JPSI. In 2003, JPSI was underwent some improved changes and became privately held. In the effort of continuous improvement and providing our customers with excellent systems and products, contract manufacturing, new technologies and services - PPL is back!

Pacific Precision Laboratories looks forward, with pleasure, to continue to provide you with the same great proven systems, products, service, and support - only more committed than ever before! PPL has been there for you in the past and will continue to be there and support your requirements in the future!

Defect Detection Upgrades

Pacific Precision Labs, a leader in high precision automated inspection equipment for over 25 years, presents the addition of powerful defect detection to all of our systems.  0ur revolutionary VCMM 2 software has for many years been the most versatile and customizable inspection software on the market. Now with integrated defect detection the sky is the limit for your inspection and metrology applications.

This software upgrade is part of our standard VCMM2 metrology software so now there is no reason to have to separate systems. Our systems can perform both functions simultaneously. We also offer camera upgrades from 2MPixel to 25MPixel CCD and CMOS cameras. This will enhance our system’s defect detection and metrology capabilities.