PPL offers a variety of visual inspection systems for every application. All systems come standard with stages, advanced motion control, high end PC and Our VCMM 2 metrology software. All of our systems can be fitted with optics and accessories to fit any application. Our systems are used worldwide in a variety of industries and applications.

Nano 3000

The Nano 3000 combines all the features of a high end inspection system into a compact footprint. Featuring high speed, high precison linear motors, the Nano 300 is ideal for sub micron inspection at high speed for productions or research.

Namo3000 Brochure in PDF format


The Lumina gives users sub micron inspection in a large luxurious format. Great for all applications, the Lumina lends itself best to customers who require a bigger inspection area. High speed linear motors give the lumina an edge with travel of up to 24 inches.

Lumina Brochure in PDF format


The Mirage brings full function inspection power to a table top system. Sub micron accuracy, precision leadscrew and stepper motor motion, and and a super compact design, make the Mirage a perfect choice for a factory floor or anywhere where floor space in an issue.

Mirage Brochure in PDF format

PPL has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of custom systems for a variety of applications. From Inspection, to precision laser cutting, our engineering and manufacturing staff can bring your ideas to life. PPL has designed custom systems for manufacturing, and reaserch at companies such as JPL, Northrop Grummond, IBM, HP, Intel and Seagate. If you have a need for one or multiple custom systems contact us and together we can make it happen.

PPL's VCMM 2 Full Metrology Suite is by far one of the most flexable and easy to use measurment packages available in the world. VCMM 2 is implemented in research facilities and factory floors world wide in a variety of inspection applications and now it's even better. PPL is proud to present defect detection as an option to any new or existiong system that runs VCMM 2. This powerful new feature adds the power of geometric model and patern matching defect detection to already feature packed VCMM 2. Imagine an inspection system that combines the most powerful visual metrology software with advanced and versitile defect detection to create an inspection powerhouse! With camera resolutions from 5 to 25 megapixel, framerates of 24 to 140 fps, and magnifications from 1 to 250X the sky is the limit.

VCMM 2 is a full featured metrology package with featurs such as advanced edge finding, software focus, centroid and measurment tools. VCMM 2 has amazing flexability that make it a perfect choice for almost any application. Coupled with advanced motion control, VCMM 2 is perfect for time critical factory floor use, and even has an optional operator interface to streamline use in a production setting.

Defect Detection can be added to any new system and virtualy all existing systems that run VCMM 2. We offer field upgrade packages for existing customers that can be customized for your application.

Key features of Defect Detection include...

  • Defect detection tools are integrated into our already powerful VCMM2 software
  • Simple to use interface
  • Highley customizable tool set
  • Customizable hardware options to fit your application
  • Extremley flexable part and defect defenition
  • Multiple defect detection capability
  • Automated single part detection in multiple fields of view
  • Batch image capture and processing
  • Easy and powerful definition and sorting of defects
  • Easy upgrade solutions for existing systems
  • Application support
  • Custom Solutions